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A so-called opinion maker or “influencer” is referred to in the network as an “influencer”. In the social media marketing industry, influencers are freelancers who report on brands and companies in social networks or present products. Often they are well-known and highly respected personalities with a wide range of followers and accessible individuals, enabling them to have a great impact on their prospects.
Meanwhile, this type of distribution is considered to be one of the most effective because it gives the customer the most confidence and credibility. A user would eventually be more inclined to buy if the product is praised by a friend or idol than by the unknown company itself.
Since the year 2019, the focus has been on small but more target group-oriented influencers, who have a rather manageable number of followers, but a targeted frequency in the social media area. Topic specific transmitters so. These are called “micro-influencers”. They increase the credibility in the respective topic enormously, unlike world celebrities, great artists or world idols who present products from a number of industries (“macro-influencers”). Quality is just about quantity, so also in the subject of influencers. even organizes and coordinates “Influencer to go” for you! In some events or trade show appearances, it is advisable to engage one or more bloggers who participate on-site in the action while writing and composing creative imagery and high-quality content. The resulting advertising material will therefore be published on the internet and in your social media channels at the same time and at the same time. This type of marketing excellently appeals to clients as it builds credibility with live documentation from bloggers.

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