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SEO and SEM are indispensable tools today to achieve a successful search engine ranking. Since there are quite a few companies in the same industry, it is very important to stand out.

In order to be found on the Internet as quickly as possible, SEO and local SEO make it possible for Google, as a search engine, to read and synchronize the contents of your webpage faster and easier – making your webpage easier and faster for the user.

Under SEO, ie “Search Engine Optimization” – refers to measures that serve your web pages and their content in the organic search engine ranking (Natural Listings) appear in front places – so when research of the user appear high and can be reached quickly. This is achieved, for example, by deliberately influencing the placement of web pages, images, videos and text content, thereby increasing the reach.

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The Local SEO (local / localized search engine optimization) should not be ignored in the successful ranking. This includes all measures aimed at bringing a web page forward in local search results. The user usually looks for suitable companies in his immediate vicinity. Thus, the goal should be to answer search queries from a specific region so that the most relevant results for the user are to be expected. Relevant in this context means that web pages, companies and service providers that are geographically close to the user are displayed. It used to be the telephone directory to find regional providers, today the world wide web. Therefore, one should take all measures to make as visible as possible for Google and thus findable for customers nearby.

SEM (“search engine marketing”) – are again measures that are used to influence the perception of one’s own offer / services on search engines. The reach of search engines and the intention of the users to use them make Google very important in the field of online marketing. The aim here is to achieve the highest possible positioning in the hit lists or on the hit pages of the search engines. Measures that concentrate on optimizing your own offer for the search engine algorithm, the targeted placement of keywords, the optimization of the general online presence, links to your own webpages and social media channels, advertisements (including SEA or paid inclusions).

Here, however, some special features may not be disregarded in order to set this up properly. In an SEO and SEM optimization one speaks of exactly identical data synchronization and accuracy in the info broadcast of text. The company name, location, directions and contact information must be identically identifiable on every web-accessible page, otherwise they can not be read by Google. We check your internet presence and show you how much potential there is in it and what success can be achieved by SEO and SEM optimization of your web pages. We make your website or your online shop more efficient and ensure that your investments finally pay off!

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